The beauty of a woman…


”…is not measured in her size,
it is seen from the love that glimmers in her eyes.
The love for her children, her mother, or her mate.
The love that grows every day with every step she takes.
The beauty of a woman is not measured in her clothes.
But the concern and consideration for others that she shows.
Whether it be a stranger who has lost his way,
or a friendly neighbor who’s health has begun to fade.
The beauty of a woman is not measured by her hair.
But the simple gestures that she makes to show how much she cares.
A home cooked meal for her husband and roses for her mom,
a band aid on an injured knee to keep her baby calm.
When you look into my eyes what is it that you see?
Am I a beautiful woman?”

Amanda Griffith

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En kommentar till The beauty of a woman…

  1. beskrivarblogg skriver:

    Vacker kvinna, vackra ord, vacker bild


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